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Garden Decor and Garden Lightening Services in Dubai

Garden lighting has been around for a long time, but only in recent years has it been considered an art form as well as a practical feature. As well as an ever-increasing range of possibilities, the rising popularity of modern energy-efficient LED lighting gives you the option of greener solutions that cost less to run.

Work with us to illuminate your space with attractive and considered lighting, and you will find yourself looking forward to dusk each day, when the shadows grow long, the lights come on and your garden transforms before your eyes.

As with all of our services, our garden lighting is designed to your unique vision and requirements. Where practical lighting is needed, we can integrate bold and subtle installations along paths and driveways and within hard structures, to guide you through the dark and create welcoming focal points.

If you are looking for lighting that enhances your garden into the night, we offer both contemporary and traditional solutions, with everything from the sturdy Victorian lamppost to striking modern lighting that creates a focal point in itself.

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  • Reasonable Service

    As of now, I do no have any problem. Although at first there was a delay on timing but they apologized and took care of everything. I’m currently in between our annual contract and looking forward for the best service.
  • Reasonable Service

    I’ve asked them to take care of our plants and so far they are very professional and responsive to all our concerns. I have used their service for the first time and I am very well satisfied.
  • Reasonable Service

    I was given a very reasonable service. We used to have a different company before but found it was very expensive. When I used Floral Avenue’s service I was happy that they offered good price without compromising the quality.

    I am glad i chose this company. Landscaping a villa is not a difficult task but to landscape an apartment is definitely one and these guys did it to my satisfaction and on top of it they will maintain it too.
    Sundar Rajan