How to Involve your Community in Community Gardening

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November 19, 2017
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December 6, 2017
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How to Involve your Community in Community Gardening

Community Gardening for a Green Neighborhood

Plant maintenance and garden growth require serious consideration and regularity.  If you are looking to create a positive culture in your community regarding plant maintenance, then it is time to take action and involve your community. This post looks at how communities together can build a greener environment for a healthier living. Commercial landscaping companies in Dubai offer tremendous opportunities for you to start working towards a greener environment. Let’s look at some other ways you can accomplish this.

Invest Time in Community Gardening

The first thing that you need to understand is that you alone cannot make a huge difference. However, you can bring a community of people together to make a substantial difference towards the environment. So, you need to invest time in your community gardening so that you can become an example for your community members.

Run a Garden School

The end of the week is a great time to involve your family and friends in community activities that contribute towards community gardening projects. You can start a community project if you don’t have one already and ensure that your community members participate. One good example of a community project is a garden School. It is a great way to involve parents and children in a community project that specifically targets the role of plants in building a healthy environment.

Try to have fun with your garden school and make sure that the children and parents not only learn a thing or two about the green environment but also enjoy their time so they are motivated to participate again.

Create Backyard Seminars

Apart from the garden School, you can various seminars for your community members. Again, make it a party, not a boring conference hall seminar where everybody is yawning and looking at their watches. Create infographics regarding how to grow and maintain plants, and how it will improve your community’s environment.

If possible, participate in community projects related to community gardening and suggest ways to improve. Your participation will not only make you active but will also encourage your community members to participate.

Raise Awareness in Community Meetings

Community meetings offer a great platform for discussing new projects. It is also a perfect place to talk about improving the current gardening projects. Access how much your community is doing in terms of gardening and suggest how your community can benefit from future gardening projects. Tae help from gardening experts and landscape design artists to see how you can beautify your neighborhood with more gardening projects.

Always remember that in order to make a big difference you need to work on a larger scale. Which is why involving your community is important.

Before you reach out to your community, make sure that you have done your own research to understand what needs to be done. In order to be the example, first you need to be involved in community gardening yourself. Make sure your kids are a part of this.

So, put on your garden gloves and get ready for some serious gardening!

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